Friday, 14 September 2012

To Sukkie on 2012-09-15 on Zikzin Ring

Dear Sukkie,

Thank you for creating the very special "Zikzin Skin Ring" for your eels. At first I wanted the ring, because of Zikzin's meaning. I really admire how you consistently moving things forward to pursue your dreams.

But, honestly, I still couldn't justify to spend so much money on a Ring, since I already spent so much money during this trip, especially most of my shoppings were already related to you.

But....after I saw other eels posted the "Zikzin Ring"'s photos after Taiwan's Cri Show 2, I felt so regret that I didn't get it. So I said to myself, if you have this Ring in Osaka, I will get it.

Of course with my luck, I couldn't find a Japanese bank machine to take out enough money before the Cri Show 2 Shopping starts. So I was kind of upset with myself while lining up at the Osaka Arena.

After I left the Arena I mentioned to my friend how I really wanted this Zikzin Ring, and I just have no luck....but I am not going to give up. I decided to try more bank machines. Luckily the next bank (JP Bank) I tried, it actually recognized my Canadian bank card......I was so happy.

So I went back to the Arena to pick up the Zikzin Ring.

Prince, when I open the box, I was so impressed with the packaging and the ring design. After I read the little booklet that came with the box, it just blew my mind away. Wow....the Zikzin Ring is actual designed after your left ring finger print, because you want to share a part of you that represents a promise ....

Thank you!!!

I love you my Prince Jang Keun Suk!

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