Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jang Keun Suk Eel Symptoms!

Seriously in Love with Jang Keun Suk Eel Symptoms:

This is the first time you are so crazy for a star - checked

Start learning Korean - I want to, but I just don't find the time..hahaaaa

Join his official fans club - checked

Pick WPS products over a new pair of shoes for yourself - checked

Plan a trip around his Cri Show schedules - checked

Met many new eel friends around the world and always talk about him - checked

Want to buy every magazines with his face on the cover - want...but can't afford them all

Buy DVD/CD/Magazines in foreign languages, although you don't undersand Korean or Japanese - checked

Past = hate leopard, now = love leopard - checked

Learn how to use Twitter and Weibo because of him - checked

Always on line to look for his info - checked

Start using Cri and Zikzin...to communicate with eels - checked

Defend him on the negative news - checked

When you hear people praise him, you feel they are praising yourself and feel so happy - checked

He smiles, you smile
He laughs, you laugh
He cries, you cry
He disappears, you feel lonely

You feel crazy crazy crazy for him - checked

I forget to add one more.....you create sub-folders for his photos and you save almost every photos you can find online - checked LOL

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Anonymous said...

LOL.. Exactly!!

Anonymous said...

I have all the above symptoms, hahaha !!
Only thing is, I have no time to organise sukkie's photos into different categoroes, so everything is saved into one BIG folder !!! Teach me how to categorise his photos, please.


Loveemlaugh said...

Hi Sabrina....I am having problem to organize his photos too...he has way to many photos

I group them by
Concert -> Cri Show / Fan Meeting -> Cities
Product Endorsements -> Various products
Dramas -> Various dramas
Photos from Tweets
Photos from Weibo
Photos from Paid App
Eel made photos
....and more...the list is long :p

Loveemlaugh said...

I am few months behind..thinking just to dump everything in one big folder LOL

Loveemlaugh said...

LOL...i just counted..I have about 40 major categories..and each category might breakdown further..i have problem

Flame Denise said...

Geez! These symptoms are 101% true for me. Can I repost this, please?

Loveemlaugh said...

Hello..sure Flame Denise...:)