Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Where to buy Jang Keun Suk Products Q&A

I have promised few eels to write this…here it is, I hope this will help international eels to know where I have been purchased my Prince's products...if you have other resources, please let me know :)

Common Q&A on JKS Shopping:

Q. Where I buy Jang Keun Suk’s Music or Drama DVDs & CDs?

A. A lot of the time I purchase them from, since it offers free shipping to most countries when you spend over $39usd.  
For example: Just Crazy Album, 2011 Asia Tour.

For pre-order items that come with bonus gifts, I will order them from my Japanese buyer.  
For example: the new Cri Show 2 DVD, you get bonus photos when you pre-order online on Japanese Shop Koari, but it is only available in Japan.

Q. Where I buy Jang Keun Suk photobooks or anything that is heavy?

A. I purchased most of the heavy items from, since it offers free shipping to most counties when you spend over $39usd.  
For example: His photobook.

Q. What is the difference between WPS in Tokyo vs Where to buy WPS items? 

A. WPS = World Prince Shop is the official Jang Keun Suk retail shop located in Tokyo, it has the most amazing Prince related items.  They currently don’t have a website, but you can follow them on twitter @wpsnewswps to see what is new from WPS Tokyo.

WPS also has an online store @, but it is for his fans in Korea and it is in Korean only.  I go there just to see what is available.  I have tried to create an account, but it requires Korean contact information so I give up.

Note: WPS online shop’s price is lower than WPS retail shop in Tokyo, I think that is because some products actually get imported from Korea, but the retail shop in Tokyo has way more collections of Prince products and I don’t even see those products being sold online, the retail store in Tokyo is a wonderful world for Prince and Suni Fans, if you ever have a chance to visit Tokyo, it is a must go :p

I buy my WPS items from my Japanese buyer, since he lives in Tokyo and here is his World Zikzin Shop Facebook account where he posts WPS items from Tokyo.

Q. Where I buy Jang Keun Suk Dramas related goods? 

A. I get them on or I visit Koari Shop on line (It is one of the most popular Japanese online shop to buy Jang Keun Suk items, all products are official) to see what is available and ask my Japanese buyer to get it for me from Japan.  I normally just copy the link and forward it to him.
For example, the Pig Rabbit from You're Beautiful drama is available there.

Q. Where I buy Jang Keun Suk magazines?

A., Japanese buyer, eBay, or Chinese buyer.

eBay is another good place to look for Jang Keun Suk related items, I have purchased few cool items, such as last year’s Cri-J magazine, JKS Nature Republic mini stands, but if you only want official items, you need to ask the seller before you purchase the items, since not all items are official.

Chinese buyer, she helps me to buy official Jang Keun Suk items that is available in China (she imported the products from Korea for China eels), but you need a China payment account to buy from her....too complicated for most of you. If you are very interested to find out more, send me a message directly.

Here are the Shopping Links that will take you to Jang Keun Suk's Page:

Koari Shop

Yes Asia

World Zikzin Shop - Japanese Buyer

Happy Jang Keun Suk Shopping :)


NatyJ said...

Thanks, really read this it was a big help for me.

Anonymous said...

For informing, Thank you very much.

jingwel said...

i have recently purchased "just wanna have fun" team H party album in itunes...i was searching for JKS other albums in itunes but it's not there :( where can i purchased his music/CD?? I wish there would be an access for his international fans...not just the ones in Korea and Japan :(

Anonymous said...

thanks much for sharing this information, n most of the items n shopping seems to be available in Japan, where he has a large fan base. do you know if there is anywhere i can see or buy JKS stuff in Seoul? i will be there next weekend! thank you! am on twitter :) aileene

Anonymous said...

Do you maybe know where we can buy his products in Seoul?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I would love to know where you bought the JKS head! I know the doll is from Collecte de Zikzin but the different hairstyles are so gorgeous..Thank you