Monday, 15 April 2013

Zikzin Bearbrick (Be@rbrick)

Prince tweeted photos of the Z Bearbrick (Be@rbrick) models.  It is a collaboration between MediCom Toy and Jang Keun Suk's Zikzin Brand.

There will be a gold Bearbrick with z logo throughout the body or a silver Bearbrick with z logo in the front.

Height: 70 mm
Price: $1575 yen
To be released in Collecte De Zikzin shop in June, 2013

@Asia Prince_JKS:

Finally came out! Zikzin BEarbrick ! Also expecting the Cri Show Bearbrick coming Zikzin!!!

In addition, let me personally introduce the Zikzin store merchandises... It took 8 months to release the Cri Show Bearbrick and the Piggy as the official Zikzin character Zzing Jun is staying stand by.  The Zzing jun farm set is being manufactured... Ha ha ha ha, I want to open a toy store-_-

Why is it called Zzing jun... The Zikzin sounds like Zikzin! Zzing Jun! ! That is why I name...Ah... I do not know what I'm saying......

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