Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jang Keun Suk Late Night Tweets

Finish the week with Prhyme  in the barbecue grills shop .. will never drink tonight ... never .. never 

The best to do is to leave a mark...AP is in 3 6 9!!!! Zikzin!!!! (in photo: Hallyu star visited barbecue shop zikzin) 

Haa Haa!!! fantastic!!!!!!! pork from Jeju Island!!!!  

Very sharp....President

Left the house and saw the king of the little pig!!! It is even flying !!!! 

You..can not be a litte pig (pink pig)

Are you a Cow.. or a Pig...(gold pig)

As I speak, the real Pig from the China Pig Association appear!!!!! (Jason)

AP (Asia Prince) exclusive seating place ...! Not one can sit beside me

The benefit of president kisakiri, wearing beggar like clothes today, but feel very full (from eating). kisakiri = all reservations? Full Booking? full amount? Actually pay the full amount is really powerful.

Eel Yakumo Cri shared the BBQ restaurant details :)

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