Monday, 30 September 2013

Lotte Duty Free Update

Lotte Duty Free Jang Keun Suk In Star Avenue Camp Fan Meeting Update

September 30th7:30am to 8:50am breakfast, 9:00am to 9:20am meeting at the venue9:25am to 10:00am Treasure Hunt,10:15am Jang Keun Suk debut good morning and recognition ceremony for treasure hunting then various outdoor activities planned.

Food is better than last time, also incl. Japanese cuisine.

The moment he appeared on the stage, he started to sweat and he had to continuously wipe his “shining face” (due to the strong stage lighting that was overheating on his face)

He looked very lean (looks like no more baby belly fat) and at the beginning he wore a white shirt decorated with a thick black line in the middle, rolled up his sleeves. He also wore a black and white plaid vest, gray pants, socks and shoes.

During the Fan Meeting he performed "Nature boy", "Save me", "Turn off", and during encore he sang "Love letter".  Allparticipants said his singing ability has gone up to the next level.  When he was performing “Love letter” it was very sad and touching.  "Zepp audiences will be blessed!"  

Wine party got cancelled due to rain, so he prepared cocktail drinks for everyone.

There were group photo sessions and Keun Chan needed to go in and out repeatedly, but he smiled the whole time and also waved to everyone, he is really a wonderful person. Every time he appeared, eels will scream loudly.

Every male eel he encountered he must handshake with them

Update during the Fan meeting:

Topic of "Beautiful Man" came up, the screenbegan to show a lot of “Beautiful Man” comicsvs Keun Chan photos made by eels, he was smiling while viewing the photos.

His schedules for next month:

October 2, 3, and 4 Zepp in Fukuoka,October 5 to October 16, he will be going over the new drama lines/dialogues, we will be finding out who is the leading female actress soon

October 18 and 19 Zepp in Sapporo.  After October 20 we will be seeing him with the new hairstyle.

MC asked: what if it started to snowKeun Chan said: I want a snowball fight.

Next year calendar will be shoot in Koreathe theme will be his favorite thingsor reading or sleeping (LOL, I love sleeping)

“Request Keun Chen” activity time:

Many eels requested for a hug from Keun Chan, many lucky eels were selected based on the random draws. 

One eel requested for “whisper in the year, I only have you.” was selected, the eel was so shy when Keun Suk said it to her, she looked very cute.

One eel selected photo shoot and had two photos taken with Keun Chan.  She also received a very tight hug at the beginning, then at the end it turned into an intensively shaking hug.

Last eel got to pick between a photo with Jeng Keun Suk, Hug or Tokyo Zepp?  She picked Zepp ticket but also got his hug as a bonus.

The event continues on beyond 11:30pm

Hotel guest rooms’ television broadcasted goodnight message from Keun Chan"bye bye bye ~ ah, let's see each other in our dream"

Cr: Neineilove for Chinese translation

News photo..

Jang Keun Suk Photos at the Phoenix Park

Hi Cri and Psyche416 shared photos of their encounter with Prince at the Phoenix Park


Saturday, 28 September 2013

LoL Jang Keun Suk Eel Made Line Sticker

Eel Riel_JKS created Prince version of the Line sticker...

I want themmmm!!!

They are so cute !!!

I wish they are better than James lol

2013 Jang Keun Suk In Star Avenue Camp

Photos from twitter

I feel so bad...

Is this happening today?

I lost track :(

New Ferrino Shop in Korea

Another must visit shop :)

New Jang Keun Suk Drama

KBS New Drama

~~Beautiful Man ~ ~ 

Will be first broadcasted on

November 20, 2013, 9:55pm.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Collecte De Zikzin

I had a mix feeling after I saw this photo posted by Show Lo.


Prior to Prince, I was really into Show Lo, I almost joined his fan club,
but as time goes by, I moved on...

I felt like my Ex has visited my new BF's shop lol

Luckily, after I started to like Prince, I told myself, he is the one....

I really want to love and support my Prince forever.


Jang Keun Suk For Ferrino E-Catalog

Click on e-catalog :)

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