Sunday, 4 December 2016

Eve's Jang Keun Suk Art Show

Repost:  talented eel Eve is having her first Art show dedicated to Jang Keun Suk.  It will take places during the Team H party time in December.  Please go see it if you are happen to be in town. 

She shared the details in 3 languages below:

この度「TEAM H PARTY 2016」代々木第一体育館での追加公演に合わせて、日本での初めての個展(入場無料)を開催します。
■会期: 2016年12月16日(金)~17日(土)11am ~5.30pm 
■会場: 原宿・デザインフェスタギャラリー(EAST 203)※グンソクくんが好きな裏原エリアです ^^
オリジナルアート作品(デジタルイラストレーション、油絵、マンガ等)や、世界中のうな友のために制作したLINEスタンプ『初めまして、うなぎちゃん(Miss Eel)!』などを展示します

Finally I'm happy to announce the details!
Tada~! In conjunction with JKS's additional #TeamH PARTY 2016 at Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium, I'll hold my 1st ever art show 'Ms Eel, Eve's JKS Art Show 2016' in Tokyo, Japan! 
■SCHEDULE: From December 16th (Fri) to 17th (Sat)11am ~5.30pm 
■LOCATION: At Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku (East 203) *JKS's favorite area, ura-Harajuku ^^
Showcase of her original JKS inspired artworks, ranging from digital print illustrations, oil painting, manga, and LINE sticker character‘Let’s Meet Miss Eel’ which was created for JKS' worldwide fans, so-called 'eels'. Last but not least, a section will be dedicated for visitors to participate in writing/drawing their messages which will be sent as a gift to JKS Japan Official Fanclub which has been well informed about this show. Please come and join the event when you're coming to Yoyogi! 
* We don't sell all items displayed at gallery.
* Original postcard presented to the first hundred arrivals for each day. 

终于可以发布啦~ 就在JKS追加公演#TeamH PARTY 2016  代代木场的期间,我即将在东京,日本办我首个个人画展 《Ms Eel, Eve's JKS Art Show 2016》! 
 ■日期: 12月16号~17号 11am ~5.30pm 
■地点: Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku (East 203) *JKS爱逛之处, ura-Harajuku ^^ 
■入场费: 免费! 
■详情 :
 画展作品分别有电脑绘图,手绘油画, 漫画, 印制产品等。 同时也会有 “ 鳗鱼小鳗” LINE 表情包贴纸的介绍。现场还会准备留言区让来到的参加者/鳗鱼给JKS留言,留言作品将会赠送至已获通知的JKS Japan Official Fanclub。欢迎各位喜爱艺术或JKS的朋友来参观!
* 每日首一百位参观者将获送明信片一张 。


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