Friday, 20 January 2017

Jang Keun Suk Tweeted 2017 01 20

Repost from Kim Jae Joong fan site on today's tweets between Jang Keun Suk and Kim Jae Joong



KJJ to JGS: I’m curious about the fact that you Geunsuk ate rice

JGS to KJJ: Wow Mr. Jaejoong you came to Twitter in a very long time! Thank you!!

KJJ to JGS: I anticipated JGS’s reply, I’m happy www

KJJ to JGS: Geun-jiang! Do you want to make a snow man? I want to make one with you! cool oppa

JGS to KJJ: Miss Geun dreams of a snowball fight with Jaejoong! Making my heart flutter!! Cute 💋

KJJ to JGS: Miss Geun, tomorrow is my concert I can’t afford to get injured from snowball fighting
You can’t put stone in the snowball 🤕

JGS to KJJ: I’m glad I can go to Jaejoong’s live! Will buy goods in bulk! Requesting discount for the eels
(Note: Eels=Jang Geunsuk’s fans)

KJJ to JGS: It’d be difficult coz the goods purchase line will be long, but I will cheer for you😂, see you at the live concert💋. I wait for Miss Geun 

JGS to KJJ: Will go to Yeonse University tomorrow at 6 PM ! So excited!! ❤️

KJJ to JGS: I see… See you at Seoul Nat



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